The 1st UNISDR Asian Science and Technology Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction was organized in Bangkok on 23-24 August 2016.


The 1st UNISDR Asian Science and Technology Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction ~ Science-Policy dialogue for implementation of the Sendai Framework ~ was organized in Bangkok on 23-24 August 2016. The Conference brought together more than 300 senior policy-makers, practitioners, researchers and academics, civil society and the private sector to discuss the key issues, challenges, needs and opportunities in application of science in policy making and share good practices from the region.
Three speakers from the APRU Multi-Hazards (MH) Program core group: Prof. Kuniyoshi Takeuchi (ICHARM), Prof. Supot Teachavorasingskun (Chulalongkorn Universtiy) and Dr. Takako Izumi (Tohoku University) attended this important event. Prof. Takeuchi spoke on “Integrated research bridging science and society through transdisciplinary approach: an attempt of ACECC TC 21”. Prof. Teachavorasingskun’s presentation was about “The impact of investment in disaster risk reduction based on the assessment on economic growth, safety and wellbeing of the general public”. Dr. Izumi summarized the presentations and discussions of Session 2 and presented at the end of the session.
After the conference, the outcome document that includes the recommended actions for Science and Technology-based DRR in Asia was developed to be taken due consideration of the forthcoming Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in November 2016. The Priority 2 of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction is “Strengthening Disaster Risk Governance to Manage Disaster Risk”. One of the recommendations under the Priority 2 is
Develop inter-disciplinary national science and technology plans to support implementation of the Sendai Framework. This includes actions by academia/universities to develop their own disaster risk management plans.”
This clearly supports the campus safety initiative led by the APRU MH program. It shows that the APRU MH program initiative contributes to a regional and international discussion and influences the disaster risk reduction plans and policies in Asia.
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