[Webinar] Multi-hazards approach and COVID19: Flattening the Curve and Early Recovery Lessons


Coronavirus disease (COVID 19) has caused devastating damage to the whole world and shown how important it is to prepare for a pandemic as hard as other disasters. Some countries are in the early phase of recovery after going through extremely difficult times and experiences. This webinar aims to share these experiences and the lessons learnt from the response and recovery by different sectors: UN agencies, governments, the private sector, and academia.
The APRU Multi-Hazards program has been advocating the importance of partnership and collaboration with various sectors and preparedness for different types of disasters, not only the ones caused by natural hazards. This webinar will be a valuable opportunity to discuss how to collaborate with different sectors to prepare for future disaster risks.

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This webinar is organized by APRU-IRIDeS Multi-Hazards Program.